Best Memory Foam Mattress - The best way to Make the Correct Choice


The spine is subjected to wide-ranging pressure through any specified day. From the moment we wake up, perform household chores, get on with morning chores, drive or ride to work, put in our 8 hours on the job, commute back home and ultimately fall into bed exhausted, the spinal column takes a beating. We are so busy we have zero time to think about bearing and sitting and being kind to the back.

 comfortable mattress

At least when we sleep the back should be in what is termed the 'zero-stress' place for maximum relaxation. This is where the best memory foam mattress comes into play. You'll need a mattress that supports the back and offers the least resistance; an orthographically designed mattress is the only kind which will provide this support to you.


What's the history behind it? Would you believe that it was NASA which developed foam with memory? Someplace around the 1970s, the scientists at NASA wanted a kind of viscoelastic memory foam for use in their space program. Hence we have to credit NASA with this scientific breakthrough.

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